A.P Reworks Muslimgauze

Release date: September, 2011

“It is possible that a deeply fickle Bryn Jones, who was never happy with remixes of Muslimgauze music apart from his own, might be with this one. Extreme, which is among the earlier Muslimgauze labels intends a re-issue of the Extreme catalog at some point and to that end hired Anders Peterson to remaster them. Peterson, a talented producer in his own right brought his considerable audio engineering skills to revitalize Muslimgauze releases. In the process of listening to masters and studying the music, the idea of a remix or ‘rework’ seemed an intuitive next step, reflects Peterson, “The remixes are based on various material from about 6 DAT tapes. I did not choose any specific tracks, rather sections and parts of all the recordings on those tapes. I did not seek to do a remix, it just grew up of that remastering project. I think I could not find any artist in any genre, anywhere, that would be more interesting to rework / remix than Muslimgauze, so I definitely feel very honored having been able to record these remixes.” Artists who remix the work of another tend to impose her/his own stylings and perspectives onto the work, not so with this “remix” project. Peterson is more in tune with a listener experience that delivers new perspectives on Muslimgauze music so his efforts are not unlike an audio engineer than an artist per se. Peterson restricted his palette to the studio session masters and took care not to omit outside sounds or influences. Audio engineer, John Delf worked much the same way as he took turns with Bryn Jones at the mixing desk as they decided what elements to fade in and out and what to process through assorted treatments and effects. Consequently, for this writer, A.P. Remixes Muslimgauze remains the most reverent remix this writer has encountered. Musically, this release falls in line with Intifaxa/United States of Islam era Muslimgauze with synthetic kick drum metronome beats, lush arrays of traditional ethno-hand percussion, ringing chimes, and cymbals that crash like tumultuous waves against rocky shores. Perhaps the most evocative track from these remixes is “Citadel in Nightlight” with its sustained synthesized tone, though pristine yet particular to Jones’ era so as to suggest nostalgia. The music remains timeless, the production as crisp as ever. Those familiar with the Muslimgauze oeuvre know this music is more than just a series of infectious rhythmic works. Rather a historical document, a musical commentary on the tumultuous times that inspired it; a reflection on the Iran/Iraq war, Operation Desert Storm, the Soviet invasion of and retreat from Afghanistan and the first Intifada of Occupied Palestine. Anders Peterson brings the music of Muslimgauze and successfully found new ways to reveal the artistries from one of the 20th century’s more intriguing artists. Through circumstance, Extreme collaborated with Staalplaat to ensure the remix project sees light of day, now available on the evidently timeless medium of a vinyl record.”

Press release from Staalplaat.

The following appeared on Boomkat.

The legacy of Muslimgauze is handled with reverent care and attention by Anders Peterson on four deeply atmospheric reworks for Staalplaat. Also known as Relapxych.0, Peterson was undertaking a large-scale project transferring and remastering the stockpile of unreleased Muslimgauze gear when he was tasked to apply his sought-after studio skills (favoured by V.O.D and Staalplaat) to these four archival pieces. In effect, Anders amplifies and enhances the more atmospheric elements with lush, widescreen strokes rendering the subtlest sounds to the peripheries while galvanizing the percussion, but only slightly rearranging the original rhythms. This updated fidelity only serves to render the similarities between Bryn Jones and Shackleton in ever sharper clarity and, and simply makes this a huge recommendation for fans of Raime, Cut Hands, Vatican Shadow - all of that good stuff. Highly recommended!


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A.P Reworks Muslimgauze A.P Reworks Muslimgauze (digital re-issue)

January 11, 2017