Re-mixs Volume 1 + 2 (compilation)

release date: January 11, 2003

Seven years ago, way back in 1996, we released “Re-mixs” (SOL 37 CD), the first album in which Muslimgauze remixed his own music. Ever the perfectionist, he didn't trust anyone else with the job (and for the rest of his short life never expressed any enthusiasm for anyone else’s treatments of his work). Two years later he surprised us with a follow-up album, “Remixs Vol 2” (SOL 78 CD). Both releases were limited editions, and have been out of print for years. On each CD Bryn Jones (Muslimgauze), reworked his own material to the point where it became nearly unrecognizable, resulting in entirely new works. Many people consider the “Remixs” CDs to be among his best albums, and we’re pleased to bring them back into print, packaged together for the first time, and offered at a friendly price. The CDs are presented in a sturdy 6-by-11 inch four-panel cardboard folder designed by Plazm, the same people who designed the Muslimgauze CDs “Mazar-I-Sharif” (SOL 70 CD), “Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gas” (SOL 73 CD), “Fakir Sind” (SOL 80 CD) and “Hand of Fatima” (SOL 90 CD), as well as CDs by Z’EV and Nocturnal Emissions. A fur-covered collector’s edition of 150 copies has been made, of which 100 will be offered exclusively through, with the balance going to the designer.

None of the tracks have names, so there’s no track listing. There are three untitled pieces on disc one and ten on disc two. Each CD runs slightly over 62 minutes.

Press release from Soleilmoon.

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Re-mixs Re-mixs Volume 1 + 2 Re-mixs Volume 1 + 2 (digital) Remixs Vol. 2

January 11, 2017