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Port Said is a gem. I was very pleased to get this one due to the limited number (as usual), and I really wasn't expecting that much out of it but happily I was really wrong. Port Said is masterful, dreamy, trance inducing I hate to overdo it but this really is great. If you liked Azzazin, GET THIS at any cost. It turned out to have a much longer playing time than I was expecting. I have played it many times now, savouring the bitter heat waves and scorching dreamlike simoom. Yet, it doesn't do it justice to just invoke Azzazin, it has ineffable qualities that I can't pin down, it's more dynamic and rich, more evolving and sense-saturating. I'd have to say that this one immediately has jumped up to my top 10 Muslimgauze list. I'm giving this one a 9.25 (maybe a 10 if it were longer).

review by Ares Solis
Islamaphonia mailing list

The following appears on Re:mote Induction.

The ultra-prolific (up there with Merzbow) Bryn Jones (who passed away a little more than one year ago) was infatuated with the politics, music, sound, and feel of the Middle East. Almost every single release of his has sampled Middle Eastern people, percussion, instruments, etc. to make some of the most incredible music out there, ranging from noise to dub to hip hop to ambient to.. well, whatever Port Said is.

Port Said is unique in that it's the only Muslimgauze release I've heard with absolutely NO Middle Eastern influence or anything in it. The sides are named anonymously (Port Said 1 and Port Said 2) with no markings to differentiate between them.

One side is about 15 minutes, and the other's 11 or 12. Each one is extremely sparse, consisting of an underlying bass rhythm, and a weird sort of raspy frequency / melody. Minimal and ambient in a strange way, each side is compelling enough to garner a full listen. When I write up reviews, I'm usually listening to the music on headphones. I had listened to this once before the headphone-treatment, and comparing the two, it sounded much, much better with the thick bass and loudness of my speakers.

If you're in to minimalism or ambient, you might want to check this release out. If you're a Muslimgauze freak, get it just to hear something you'd never expect to come out of this born-again Palestinian's musical repertoire.

review by Chris
Re:mote Induction (December, 1999)

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