Nommos' Return

This record represents the third and final chapter in the Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze saga, a sonic clash between two heavyweights from two different worlds.

This 10" record, limited to 1000 heavyweight vinyl-only copies (lovingly handcrafted in original rubber-stamped dubplate style) contains two amazing and otherwise unavailable tracks from the Lo-if India abuse tapes. Both are "re-mixs" of Nommos from Systemwide's Sirius CD.

Nommos' Ark is a blistering and confounding piece of drum and bass terror the sound of Alien ancestors descending in their deafening crafts. Nommos' Ghosts is the sound of their passing a dub of the emptiness of time and space featuring thick vinyl surface noise, echoing delays and a beautifully decaying keyboard melody maybe one of the loveliest Muslimgauze tracks ever.

Press release from BSI Records.

The following is additional notes added to the press release, by Nail Distribution

The late Bryn Jones (aka Muslimgauze - the Mid-East percussion and noise master) began remixing Systemwide (America's heaviest dub band) tracks in early '98 - some of these appear on their first collaboration, Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze at the City of the Dead (BSI 19991). This 12" EP is now totally out of print and fetches $30.00 and more from collectors. Chapter two was Muslimgauze's Lo-if India Abuse CD/LP (BSI 19993) which contains Muslimgauze originals and Systemwide remixes. This monumental full length is the second best selling Muslimgauze title ever (SoundScan), and probably the most reviewed as well. Don't miss out on chapter three.

Press release from Nail Distribution.

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Nommos' Returnn

February 5, 2017