No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel (The Remix)

Unreleased and extended remix of the original and already sold out first volume.

Press release from Staalplaat.

The following was sent to us by the reviewer.

Received this today (5/3/05) from Staalplaat. It was kind of a surprise.

Sad to see two typos on the packaging.

It has taken a while to get excited about another Muslimgauze release. Most tracks are rather upbeat, and sound like remixes of Bryn Jones. There are many new fresh sounds presented, one reason why I think this album succeeds. The beats range from drum and bass styled drumming as with track one, to minimal middle eastern drumming with track seven. Track ten has some of the most intense explosive military beats i have ever heard Bryn Jones use.

Each track continues to hold the Bryn Jones' typical sound, yet Muslimgauze continues to forge into grounds of noise, illbient and experimentalism. There are many examples of each within this album.

Many of the tracks are dark and repetitive, metallic and intense. Each piece starts off strong, building into ensembles of middle eastern tapestries..

There is very little ambience presented, and very few traditional Muslimgauze vocal samples.

Not the best of Muslimgauze, but will see much play from me.

review by jackthetab

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No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel (The Remix) No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel (The Remix) (digital re-issue)

December 28, 2023