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It is with some sadness that I write this, having just learned that Bryn Jones, the artist better known for the past 15 years as the force and fire behind Muslimgauze, died last night. This EP was released last month in MP3-only form, downloadable from the net. Emerging from the post punk scene in the early 80s, Jones' mission was simple: to combat the bias against the Islamic world view perpetrated by the Western media, and to do it with a post-industrial ethereal sound-bomb that seemed to recruit like-minded souls from timeless histories ... Hassan i Sabbah is with him in rock land, and their music is repetitive and burning on the inside -- and mesmerizing ... drum machine distortion fuzz and didgeridoo, samples and mystery, there's static hiss and it sounds like slop but the beat is kept -- you have to leave your fears behind as the songs revolve in circles, taking you to the heart of the Middle East circa right now -- although Jones himself (a Brit) had never been there.

I hope all of his 90+ albums infect the net, and soon.

review by Michael Stutz
this review originally appeared on Review Addict (January 15, 1999)

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