Maroon (re-issue)

In 1995 Staalplaat released 'Maroon' by Muslimgauze and we announced there would be three different editions. A deluxe digipak with an original stamp by the Palestinian Authority (500 copies), a deluxe digipak without the stamp (500 copies) and an unlimited digipak with a new design. The third edition was never released, due to the high output of Muslimgauze at that time - it was shortly after the release of 'Maroon' that we started our limited edition subscription series. Over the years we believed to have lost the films and artwork for the third edition, another problem in producing it. Recently the films showed up (albeit in a not too best state) and we decided to produce the original third, unlimited edition of 'Maroon'. It is now available.

'Maroon' was the first Muslimgauze of 1995 and brought back the sound of confrontation. Musically 'Maroon' continues 'Salaam Alekum Bastard' (which was a break with the 'Blue Mosque' and 'Zealot' releases) and is dub inspired techno, laid back sounds with taped radio voices from the middle east that appear apparently random in the mix.

Press release from Staalplaat.

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Maroon Maroon (re-issue)

January 10, 2017