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Like the other artists with the letter 'M' - of the word "massive" and Merzbow - I decided many years ago that I enjoyed the music enough to investigate when the opportunity presents itself, but not actively seek out everything there is to hear. Muslimgauze is the other (If I delved a bit deeper, I could probably come up with a few more names). When I discovered Muslimgauze in the mid-nineties, I started all the way back with the old vinyl releases and also some posthumous ones, which I enjoyed quite a lot. When I receive a cassette like this one, I tend to look online first to see where we are now. It turns out this is release number 316. I realise then that I heard less than a third of what has come out over the years, and I wonder how deep the vault is over there, chez Staalplaat. They did a great looking cover, albeit that people might want to read the (sparse) information. According to Bandcamp, there are seven songs here, and they are all pretty short. In proper Muslimgauze tradition, there are loops of tribal rhythms mixed with electronics. The tracks do not sport a lot of variation, but I guess that is one of Muslimgauze's trademarks. Just like Autopsia has its loops, Muslimgauze has his, but it seems to expose their technological origin much more (I do realise they come from different times - and places). Muslimgauze's music appears to be aimed at the dance floor now and then, in '4Kaliskinazure' for instance, but also gets to sound moody and textured in the biting '5Kaliskinazure'. Somehow I couldn't help thinking the music here is walks the tricky path between sounding like a demo and an actual 'finished' album - if the former, obviously a work in progress that will never be finished. But, we know the man worked hard and wanted it all out there, so there you go. As said, I enjoyed whatever I picked up from the Gauze, but there is no need for being complete on my end.

review Lukas den Warme
Vital Weekly
(number 1302 week 38)

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Kaliskinazure Kaliskinazure (digital)

May 12, 2021