Jaal Ab Dullah, Sandtrafikar & Zuriff Moussa

The following appeared in Leeson.

One could think: Richard D. James, this master of the mail-techno-era, stumbles trancelike in the intoxication of Oriental sensuality, that surrounds him like a more monumentally rhythmic belt. Beside confusing break-beats, loops, language fragments and samplings "Sandtrafikar" demonstrates the dubby and ambient character of Muslimgauze, beautiful trance-music, by monumental bass runs and the so characteristic metallic elements saved by "Zealot". Nothing for puny loudspeakers! With "Zuriff Moussa", a fundamentalist homage to the Israeli terror, simply with "Your Blood wants necessary be wasted, and the answer wants be in Tel Aviv" (ed. ????), The rhythm excites internal body juices directly. And, one almost considers no more increase possible, Muslimgauze land with "Jaal Ab Dullah" an aggressive, higher tempo and aggressive masterpiece, for which each ambient DJ will lick their fingers. From the beginning of "Old Bombay Vinyl Junkie" and also "Exit Left No trance" what of the remains of this CD keeps its promise, a splendid-rhythmic and many-layered trance-event, without doubts a must, so order now.

review by FS
Leeson (Issue #8 June, 1998)

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Jaal Ab Dullah Sandtrafikar Sandtrafikar (re-issue) Zuriff Moussa

September 4, 2010