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E.G. OBLIQUE GRAPH, the popular one-piece synth/tape/media experimental sound collagist, has a new C20 cassette called ‘Inhalt’. Fee is £1.00 which should be directed to Bryn Jones. 447 Chorley Road, Swinton, Manchester.

Sounds (October 9,1982)

E.G. OBLIQUE GRAPH have produced a sequel to the commendable ‘Piano Room’, issued some months back. The newie is titled ‘Inhalt’ and comprises two ten minute tracks. The first, ‘Islamic Koran In Camera Dome’, is hinged around rapid mechanical percussion over which run treated voices, the whirling sounds of tape at fast forward and short blasts of what sounds like more regular instrumentation.

It is reminiscent in parts of Carlos Peron’s ‘Impersonator’ LP in the way familiar sounds are lifted into unfamiliar surroundings and evolve into a cohesive body of work despite the weird juxtapositions.

The other track is ‘Rapid White Flag On Snapshot Blur’ and is founded around repeating honking noises and recurring bleeps, gradually shifting in pitch and joined by spurts of synth (I think) and distant voices.

Available for £1 plus a stamp from Bryn Jones, 447 Chorley Road, Swinton, Manchester, Lancs.

tape review, Sounds (December 4, 1982)

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