"Infidel" where Arabic ambience meets techno-industrial, is the latest release from the Manchester-based group Muslimgauze. Many a DJ has asked for a true club mix of the music of Muslimgauze, with the more adventurous already having found the infectious grooves a great cut on the dance floor. David Thrussell, of Snog and Soma fame, lends his talents to this release, remixing and adding his production skills to three tracks on the EP. Thrussell was the perfect choice for bringing the music of Muslimgauze to the dance floor, with his remixes maintaining the identity of the original music.

Five of the 8 tracks are remixes of "Infidel", from the forthcoming "Citadel" album by Muslimgauze on Extreme, and the remaining 3 tracks are new and previously unreleased. The "veil of peace" mix could fit in well with the current trend for tribal dance music, with the "orbesque" mix being more suited to the chill-out rooms. The "east meets west" mix segues a mix by Muslimgauze with a mix by David Thrussell and both the "arabesque" and "filmesque" mixes being of the style of music that has been the trademark of Muslimgauze. "Fakir", the "bed of nails" mix, is a stripped down version of a track previously released on "Zul'm", XCD-012. "Salaam Mecca" is a previously unreleased track from "Intifaxa", XCD-002, the first release by Muslimgauze on Extreme.

The "Infidel" EP also brings back the meaning of extended play, with 8 tracks and 68 minutes of music. It also gives an insight into the other musical styles by Muslimgauze on Extreme. "Infidel" will also be available as a 12" single.

Press release from Extreme.

The following appeared on AmbiEntrance.


This CDEP shows the dancier side of Bryn Jones with five various mixes of the title track... the predominant rhythm sounds quite similar (sampled?) to Orbital's "Lush 3-1". The differences between the mixes are not great, although the East Meets West Mix runs almost 10-minutes whereas the others are between 5- and 7-minutes long. After a half-hour of Infidel mixes, the additional tracks offer a welcome change... Fakir (bed of nails mix) relies on a steadily pounding ethnic drumming, embellished with ethnic cries. Salaam Mecca uses softer beats and is be speckled with thousands of tinkles and chimes from cymbals and bells. More than 16.5 minutes long, Hama rides the subtle currents of an electric drone, adding light beats and slithery cymbals.

review by Link O'Rama (a.k.a. David J. Opdyke)
This review originally appeared in Overviews on AmbiEntrance January, 1999

The following appeared on Discover.

"Infidel " is a EP with a play time of approximately 68 minutes. On it are five different mixes of the same song ( "Infidel", taken from the CD "Citadel"). Three by David Thrussell (among other things. Snog, Soma, Black Lung), twice Muslimgauze. In addition there are three unpublished songs from the " Zul'm" & "Intifaxa" sessions.

The remixes were put out to find their way into the clubs and with give this material its very best chances. Here the long-known Muslimgauze percussion and straight techno sequences blend themselves - absolute danceable.

Unfortunately too little stands out from each of the David Thrussell remixes, here at times another reverberation chamber, there sets the bass drum somewhat later.... actually 2 & 3 only are only a poor copy of 1. Different are the "Arabesque mix" and the "Filmesque mix" by Muslimgauze - not so danceable, but much more intense and subtle. Here one modulates more directly, without working flatly. One does not just get more bass drum for example, but the beat is nevertheless always noticeable. Not to miss the fact the Muslimgauze mixing is louder.

The "Bed Of Nails mix", of the track Fakir (from the CD "Zul'm"), is also very good. Tribal at its best, mixes with underground industrial elements.

Owing to the outstanding price relationship of this compact disc it is in any case to be recommended - for the beginner and for the progressing.

review by Ralf Haarmann
Translated from German with the assistance of Gist-In-Time

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