Hand Of Fatima & Lo-if India Abuse

The following is a review from XLR8R.

One of underground music's looming enigmas, Bryn Jones had put out a staggering 90 releases in 20 years as Muslimgauze by the time he prematurely died in his Manchester hometown early this year. It rarely got stranger than this guy: inspired almost solely by the Palestinian struggle, his albums reflect a near-fanatical devotion to Arabic culture/politics never before seen in the Western music world (especially for a guy who never bothered to visit the Mid East). It's a near-overwhelming task to describe his music: ambient, hypnotic, beat-driven, swirled with self-taught percussion and field recordings from the Muslim world none of it is enough to capture his legacy. These are two of a dozen recent posthumous releases that find him pushing his technological means to serious extremes. Lo-if chronicles a deadly struggle between human and machine, from "Romanie Abuse's hypnotic, dysfunctional machine-dub to the plunderphonic CD-destruction of "Valencia in Flames" and the Satan-in-Eniac rush of "Dust of Saqqara." But the dumbek and tabla rise in "Android Cleaver" and "Nommos' Afterburn," albeit blasted by extreme electronics. While it reeks of more organic Arabic and dub rhythms and flavors, Hand of Fatima is fundamentally a study in bass tone as weapon. It's only appropriate that both records contain tons of drop-outs and harsh cuts; these empty-space pauses prompt reflection not only on the man, but also on the essence and edge of his noise, his seemingly torturous prolificity, and "most importantly" his gaping absence. "Irrelevant," Jones responded to an interviewer's request for personal bio information, "Now shapes Muslimgauze."

reviewed by Ron Nachmann
Originally appeared in XLR8R (Issue #39 January, 2000).

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January 10, 2017