Fatah Guerrillas, Narcotic, Sandtrafikar, Vampire Of Tehran & Zuriff Moussa

The following appeared in Ambience.

Well, the man has continued his prolific ways with some interesting new releases.

Narcotic and Vampire of Tehran are both regular Staalplaat releases and showcase some fine Muslimgauze music. They have a good mix of the more rhythmic melodic Arabic ambience together with more experimental and gritty tracks.

Fatah Guerrilla, a three CD set, is probably not a good one for starting out on a Muslimgauze experiment. There is not enough variety over the three discs, which could easily have been edited down, and the gritty dub is not his most accessible. Let alone the Chechnya cover images!

Sandtrafikar and Zuriff Moussa are the two latest limited editions and make a very fine pair. Sandtrafikar explores the sand drenched ambience of veiled sisters, adding voice and market samples to slow dubbed musical drifts. Zuriff, in contrast, contains 24 short, ripping rhythm tracks. The nature of Muslimgauze's releases makes it difficult to recommend these - the editions are 800 and 700 respectively - yet they contain some of his best work in recent years if not to date. Narcotic and Vampire, as regular releases and therefore more available, are both highly recommendable in that they contain both variety and quality tracks.

review by Jeremy Keens
This text originally appeared in Ambience.
Reproduced by permission.

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February 2, 2021