An Essential Extraction

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The story of this unexpected collaboration dates back to the summer and autumn of 1998 when Bryn Jones AKA Muslimgauze, the politically conscious music genius from Manchester, discovered Species Of Fishes' albums through the Dutch label Staalplaat. Jones embarked on a journey of reinventing the Muscovites' tracks, infusing them with hypnotizing noise pulsations that were both harsh and sharp, yet profoundly humane, while evoking ethereal Arab echoes.

The original remixes became the inaugural release on Species Of Fishes' self-titled label in 1999, with a limited circulation of 500 CDs. Another edition was later released in the United States in 2007 by Tourette Records, with a circulation of 1000 CDs. The first edition featured a selection edited from the original DAT cassette, accompanied by minor revisions, while the second one faithfully reproduced the entire studio session, providing insight into the creative process rather than focusing solely on the final result.

In this new reissue, Species Of Fishes have curated the tracks, discarding repetitions, unsuccessful takes, and technical pauses. The result is a more dynamic compilation t

'Trip Trap', 'Some Songs of a Dumb World', and 'Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes' comprise three chapters of Species Of Fishes' album triptych, which unveils the originality of the Russian duo, pioneers of the unparalleled electronic scene who were ahead of their time.

трип (Trip Recordings)

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Exactingly trimmed versions of Bryn Jones and Species of Fishes' 1998 obscurity, all sick bleep-techno reductions in a bare-boned and devastating style.

An outlier, even within Bryn Jones' extensive archipelago of oddities, 'Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes' derives from Bryn Jones' discovery of a CD on Staalplaat in 1998, which he would reinvent with a signature palette of vocal samples, meanest acid calligraphy, and angular electronic glitches. The recordings were subsequently issued in an edited form on Species of Fishes'label in 1999, followed by Tourettes Records' 2007 edition featuring the studio sessions in their rough entirety, and now by Galaxiid as clinically edited versions that take license to discard the fat and gristle and present a more dynamic, sharp-cut, sinuous showcase of Muslimgauze at his late, experimental best.

Characteristic of late period Muslimgauze (he would tragically pass less than a year later), the sound design of his SoF remixes is richly spacious and crisp, but not shy of ruptured glitches and his trusted palette of Arabic vocal signatures. Yet, Species of Fishes' sharp source material makes the results really stand out from his hundreds of releases, with the likes of 'init v1.0' notably paralleling the sort of glitch gear coming out on Mego or Noton, and 'sh-sh-sh v1.0' trading in thee most piquant, club-curdling, arabesque acid, whilst 'sh-sh' reveals Bryn Joens at his most sensuous, even romantic. 'init v2.0' practically sounds like he's fucking with Soviet signals detected by The Conet project, and 'sh-sh-sh v2.0' meshes shearing chromatic synths with shards of ululation as only he can.

A proper zinger.


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The universe of Muslimgauze is ever expanding, and here Russian duo Species Of Fishes provide "an essential extraction” of their 1999 crossing with the musical legend. Muslimgauze remixes tracks from the duo's Songs From A Dumb World and Trip Trap albums, turning down a more meditative route as samples of chants and speech skirt the background then rise from the sonic soup. Ululations are threaded into woozy tape edits of melodic synth lasers and twangy string drones, mercurial glitches stutter and drip with reverb, and twitchy bursts of noise space out over whistling tones and deeply plunging, moody dub bass.


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Back in 1998 Bryn Jones AKA Muslimgauze discovered the work of Species Of Fishes (Vitaly Stern & Igor Kolyadniy) and proceeded to reimagine their music using two albums as source material. The results are something of an outlier in the Muslimgauze catalogue utilizing hypnotizing repetition, very pure electronic sounds and just a little scattering of Arabic vocal samples. This subtly infectious electronica was originally released on CD and has now been distilled and condensed into a concise revision of the most essential elements.

Norman Records

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An Essential Extraction (blue vinyl version) An Essential Extraction (black vinyl version)

December 20, 2023