City Of Djinn

This is a 21-track, 500 copies limited edition CD-only release featuring a selection of Rootsman cuts deconstructed by the enigmatic Muslimgauze. Industrial tribal beats and mad samples collide inna heavy-duty 21st century sound clash. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Press release from Third Eye Music.

The following appeared on Boomkat.

First time on vinyl: The north Manchester x west Yorkshire soundsystem axis in heavy effect, churning up 21 cranky steppers from 1997

One of many Muslimgauzes to finally see the light of day on vinyl, his first meeting with The Rootsman (before 1999's Return to the City of Djinn) is a fierce session of signature, sawn-off loops and soundsystem noise originally dispensed on Roostman's Third Eye Music. Both artist shared a passion for dub principles that reverberates thru the release, with both drawing on their locale's culturally rich backdrops, Cheetham Hill and Bradford, respectively, for a uniquely noisy and overdriven blend of sounds.

These ruffneck jams, beside The Rootsman's plethora of self-releases, would pave the way for his Razor X series of extreme dancehall records with The Bug, but this lot held their own in a mix of ragga-hop rhythms and dub crud were entirely symptomatic of rave and underground music's new age positivity giving way to a heavier, crankier lean at the end of the decade, just as this palette of Middle-Eastern percussion and tonalities would be sampled by the likes of Timba and The Neptunes. 'City of Djinn' sits somewhere in its own temporary autonomous zone of explorations, and hassicne become highly sought-after by the fiends.


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August 7, 2022