The following appears on Staalplaat's Muslimgauze Bandcamp page.

Demo is much in line with Jones's 1980s recordings, a set of primitive percussion tracks assembled from hand drums, chimes and simple effects and possessed of a coldly malevolent focus. The Wire

Original cassette material from Bryns home.

Demo on Bandcamp

The following appeared on Black online.

A beautiful new tape. From Muslimgauze! Of course, we all know that Bryn Jones has been dead for a while and yet still new, previously unpublished material sees the light of day, but that was a surprise. The short title is "Demo" and there are eight untitled tracks on it, which are between six and ten minutes long.

They are all quite "simple", by which I mean that here almost no work is done with samples or the like. Here, so to speak, percussions sound pure, but as we know them from Bryn Jones, they are very varied and produced perfectly for a "demo" ("Audio Restoration by Radboud Mens", it says on Bandcamp). Of course, the question of how much Muslimgauze sound carriers you need, everyone must answer for themselves, but whoever likes Bryn Jones' sound and its rhythm will hardly be able to escape the fascination of this purist work and one or the other connoisseur of matter may open up new insights into the origins of some tracks. Did I mention that it's really a nice cassette?

review by (flake777)
Black online

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Demo Demo (digital)

May 12, 2021