Deceiver & Izlamaphobia

The following appeared on Oblivion.

For ten years, Muslimgauze has created the most soothing music about Middle Eastern terrorism that you'll ever find. More recently, the arrangements became a bit more spare and plodding, and took on a more disturbing tone. Most recent Muslimgauze releases have maintained this tension through oddly arranged Middle Eastern influenced electronic music. On "Izlamaphobia" and "Deceiver," Muslimgauze took these ideas a step farther, distorting these sounds beyond recognition and arranging them into tight, rapid loops that are interrupted chaotically by either silence or more noises. Every element of the music was put together to create a maximally startling effect. These two albums are both limited edition 2 CD sets with hours of stunning music, and are worth whatever price you find them for.

review by Jhan Dean Egg

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Deceiver Izlamaphobia Izlamaphobia (vinyl re-issue) Izlamaphobia (CD re-issue) Izlamaphobia (digital re-issue)

May 25, 2020