Citadel & Infidel

The following appeared on Concept.

Wow! "Veiled Sisters" and "Betrayal" were only a rough headland to pass! "Citadel" comes back to the sound of "Zul'm" / "Vote Hezbollah", gone are the elaborate loops! Of the rhythm once again! Percussion, voices, electronic contributions and paranoid, dramatic structures. In short... we recover Muslimgauze. "Citadel" makes a sacred jump to the past. These 8 pieces make a perfect blend of the sound of "United States Of Islam", "Vote Hezbollah" and "Satyajit Eye", once again displaying the tempo of a people's passion. "Infidel" keeps us in the same obsessional ambience, entirely composed of unpublished remixes. Let's hope that this production didn't end up decreasing potentialities for Bryn Jones.

review by Cyrille Sottile
translation by T @ The Edge with the use of Power Translator

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Citadel Citadel (promo) Infidel
September 4, 2010