Chapter Of Purity (compilation)

The following appeared on Islamaphonia 2.

Interesting sound that reminds me of the industrial era, with the Bryn Jones' sound signature.

The music was created from 1985-1987, and it sounds like it. That is not a bad thing you see, since you can see the progression of Bryn's work. If you are looking for some kind of classification, I would definitely say - ambient industrial - It is rather slow paced, and at times minimal. The interest is not lost however. A lot of echo effects are also present, which gives it a slight psychedelic sense :-)

Check out the sample with 38 seconds left in track 2.

Track three is nicely chilled out, returning to a more ambient sound. Birds sing in the background. A beautiful track as a whole. The end of track three reminds me a little of Rapoon with its looped samples. It is one of the more hypnotic pieces so far.

Track six is another highlight, mixing superb ambient and tribal tones. Slowly creeping in, minimal and hypnotic. At this point I think this is the best track. It is one of those tracks that could go on forever.

Track eight, piano sound? This is a strange one from Bryn Jones. It is still a wonderful track however. You could almost mistake this for something not Muslimgauze!

Track nine, again is very hypnotic. Similar again to Rapoon, but in a Muslimgauze way. Industrial tinge persists. Bryn Jones shines in the last 1:30 seconds of the track.

Track ten has some nice psychedelic qualities which tends to send you down a different path than the previous tracks. A very nice way to end the CD.

The art work reminds me of what I have seen on the vinyl covers.

review by jackthetab

This text originally appeared on the Islamaphonia 2 mailing list. (November, 2002)

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January 25, 2021