Buddhist On Fire

The following appeared on Boomkat.

V-O-D continue to strafe Muslimgauze's crucial early timeline with 'Buddhist On Fire', which was 1st issued in 1984 by Bourbonese Qualk's Recloose Organisation.

This one is most notable for the 13 minute mix of his hardcore Linn drum stepper "Dissidents In Exile" - also found in abbreviated form on the 'Kabul' reissue - which is here tripled in length by a brilliant passage of syncopated bleeps and Taiko-style patterns alongside the tumbling, cavernous drums of Reuters and the subtly marked progressions of "Soviet Occupied Territories" or "Turkish Falaka", where we hear a the addition of taut, rubbery synth lines creeping in and laying the path for similar productions from Coil to arguably follow.

Seriously - this material is just a total eye-opener, somehow joining the dots between a vast swathe of musical channels of the early 80's...


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Buddhist On Fire Buddhist On Fire (re-issue)

January 29, 2017