Muslimgauze, based in Manchester, U.K., have, for nearly ten years, been producing music that is an intriguing combination of Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Traditional instruments meet with contemporary western influences.

"Bhutto" contains all of those styles and emerges as "ethnic-ambient-house" music. That well known Manchester beat has been cut apart, with electronics looping and diving through the music. Australian DJ Sean Kelly, who has mixed for Mushroom and Razor Records, remixes Muslimgauze to give a bizarre blend of Middle Eastern mysticism and 90s techno-house "Bhutto" does things differently to most songs; the bass cut from underneath and the electronics taking the fore.

This release also includes the album version, "Benazir Bhutto", characteristic of what is to come on the new album "Zul'm". Long hypnotic tracks that carry the listener into a distant land. Also included is a sparse and haunting version of "Shiva Hooka". Muslimgauze have always been able to allow the mood of the music to offer a vision of the Arab nations. Musicians also appearing are Zorawar Singh on Arabic percussion and vocals, Said Nasser on Indian percussion and vocals and Mark Lawrence on keyboards. All other instruments played by Muslimgauze. Tracks "Bhutto" (Radio Rabbat remix) and "Shiva Hooka" (1000 nights mix) only appear on this release.

Press release from Extreme.

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January 9, 2017