Baghdad & Sufiq

The following appeared in the Wire.

As a curt dislocation of the media fallout and static generated by the Gulf War, Muslimgauze's Baghdad brings together heavy electronics and samples voices plucked from the air over some gently earthshaking dub effects. "Negative Of Ethiopia" and "Zion Under Islamic Law" scratch and dazzle with particular intensity; deep sonic equivalents of starring at the sun for too long. Recorded in November 1997, and the first Muslimgauze release not to have been scheduled until after Bryn Jones's death, the Sufiq EP flails and spins like a dervish ritual in a Tangiers back street. The closing composition, "The Last Most Of Herzegovina" is a stark reminder that it's always Closing Time in the Great Bar somewhere.

review by Ken Hollings
This text originally appeared in The Wire magazine. (issue #197)

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Baghdad Baghdad (digital re-issue) Sufiq

January 9, 2017