Armsbazzar (compilation)

We are extremely thrilled and honored to announce our offering to the brilliant and extensive Muslimgauze discography!

Armsbazzar investigates both released and unreleased selected recordings from the intense period comprised between 1994 and 1997. Included are the out-of-print Hebron Massacre and Gulf Between Us singles, which feature two of the longest, most stunning and hypnotic Muslimgauze pieces ever – plus two inedit, highly percussive tracks taken from the recording sessions of the mythic, yet still unreleased and unheard, "Zamindar" album.

Presented in our custom 6-panel digisleeve packaging - which also houses a 5-color poster - adorned by the highly original and strong artwork from the fantastic Iranian visual artist >Mohammad Fadaei. Mastered by Peter Andersson and limited to 999 hand-numbered copies.

Unfortunately Bryn Jones, this eccentric music visionary and controversial figure who spent a lifetime moved by personal beliefs and relentless dedication to the Middle East issues, is no longer with us, but his unique and disturbing music is carved in stone and will always be in our hearts and minds.

Since 1983 Bryn Jones, the musician known as Muslimgauze, has been producing a unique blend of music crossing modern electronic instruments with those of an ancient civilization. Muslimgauze, as the name would suggest, is heavily influenced by the rich culture surrounding the Islamic Middle East.

Armsbazzar is also available as a beautiful deluxe handcrafted box-set, in which we used various techniques for the box itself, including texture, cracking varnish and copper painting. Box-set edition - limited to 149 hand-numbered copies.

Included is the >standard edition with poster wrapped in hand-painted and rubber stamped cloth, a set of 6 5-color printed cards> with fantastic artwork and drawings by the genius Iranian artist Mohammad Fadaei and a silk-screened hand-painted 73x55cm cotton cloth also displaying a disturbing image by Mr. Fadaei. Plus strange souvenirs, including a set of arms and a small doll - all them handmade items representing elements from the album artwork.

This is another unique piece of art carefully thought and executed by Uirajara Resende and Iremir Oscar. Long hours, days, nights, months, maybe a whole year preparing this edition, which we do hope you enjoy.

As usual, each copy is unique!

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The following appeared in Record Collector.

Souks, sand and soundscapes

Bryn Jones’ posthumous crusade on behalf of the disenfranchised, voiceless people of the Middle East continues with this selection of fine recordings taken from 1994-97. Both the title track and Zaffaran are session cuts from the recording of the, as yet, still unreleased "Zamindar" album, and are typical of Jones’ dark dub rhythmic shuffles, with beats lurching and overlapping, dropping in and out of sync to mesmeric effect.

While these tracks are excellent examples of Jones’ singular art, they are totally overshadowed by the extended tapestries which lie at the heart of Armsbazzar. From the now out-of-print Hebron Massacre and Gulf Between Us singles, these two hypnotic tracks are captivating abstractions of the plight of those he sought to champion. Here wordless evocations tumble over eerie synthetic waves, conjuring up visions of some desolate and arid plateau, as echoing tablas and electronic crackle combine with a woman’s voice in a surrealist call to prayer. This is music to get lost in and to – exotic delights which are all the more amazing when you remember that Jones never actually visited the region he portrays; a sympathetic gesture to those suffering each day within the occupied territories.

review by Spencer Grady
Record Collector

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Armsbazzar Armsbazzar(boxset)

January 9, 2017