Arab Quarter & Re-mixs

The following appeared in Silencer e-zine.

As productive as Priapus (the fertility god with the enormous schlong), Bryn Jones usually attracts more attention for his unrelenting Zionist-bashing politics than credit for his extraordinary music.

Jones is the dynamo behind Muslimgauze. His albums arrive in waves, usually keyed into Jones's latest joneses. The overriding inspirations of late seem to be slo-fi dub and the stripped surgical terror-electronics of Finland's Sahko crew. Members of Panasonic and other minimalist elite remixed Muslimgauze on the recent Occupied Territories . Jones hasn't been the same since!

Re-mixs , a case-study in self-revisionism, is an hour-long stream of beats, bass-lines, blips, and arrack-flavored burps. Though it's crafted entirely from regurgitated and re-digested material, there's no sense of 'been-there, done that' to the spiky flow.

But it pales beside the expert weavings of Arab Quarter . Bustling with all the activity, energy, and color of an Iraqi souk, the music dances through a festoon of silk veils. Voices flit at the edge of audibility, tambours and dumbeks thunder, and the music entices you to lose yourself in the bustle. Slip on your sandals, and kick up a dust storm at the oasis to 'Yassin Ayyash' or Disc Two's entrancing 'Eleven Minarets' suite. Call it WadiHop and watch the headz get down at Mecca and (funky cold) Medina.

review by Gil Gershman
This text originally appeared in Silencer e-zine.

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Arab Quarter Re-mixs Re-mixs Volume 1 + 2

January 9, 2017