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Muslimgauze = Bryn Jones, een Engelsman uit Manchester overleden in 1999. vanaf de jaren '80 tegen de 150 CDs uitgebracht. Vrij minimalistische en abstracte electronica, heerlijk voor op de achtergrond.

(Muslimgauze = Bryn Jones, an Englishman from Manchester who died in 1999. From the '80s he released 150 CDs. Minimalistic and abstract electronica, wonderful for in the background) (ed. approx. translation)

His real name was Bryn Jones. Born and bred in Manchester. He was an artist of the highest order.

Bryn contracted a rare blood fungus which ravaged through his system ... thus deflating his immune system ..which eventually led to Pneumonia, He was being kept at Royal Northern Hospital in Manchester, where after being admitted was transferred from Hope hospital over to Intensive care.

His condition was that he did not respond to treatment... and the anti-fungal agent which would counter-act the fungi did not grow quick enough. The kidney machine which was stabilizing Bryn, had to be switched off,
and from there .. he worsened.

Amongst the many achievements.

Muslimgauze was by far the most known, and appreciated. Bryn created over 90 LPs in his 15 years as Muslimgauze and a considerable amount of 12"/7"/MiniDisc/CD/Mini CD/.... His music was percussion led ... and told a story ... dark/minimal/romantic/enlightening/twisted/harsh/brutal/soft/ethereal/ambient/lush/intense......
Bryn inspired so many musicians ... and in turn was on the way to become more and more accepted...


I could go on ... but it would be better to visit the official web site that long time friend and admirer of Muslimgauze Terry Bennett keeps.. muslimgauze.org. Terry has better info on Muslimgauze then any other site.

But for you who don't know Muslimgauze ... please take a couple of minutes to look at the site ...and try and appreciate ...Muslimgauze. Every person I have ever played Muslimgauze to ... have become really hooked ....

We'll keep you posted...

One last thing for those who are ardent Muslimgauze fans ... There are still masters from Bryn ... that are around ... And will be attempted at collecting these from Bryn's family.

article by Frank Lachmann
de.alt.szene.gothic newsgroup (January 16, 1999)

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