These snippets originally appeared in Sounds.

E.g Oblique Graph: The brainchild of Bryn Jones who, with his meagre studio resources, managed to produce the excellent 'Piano Room' C60 cassette on his own Kinematograph Tapes and the 'Triptych' 7" EP for the Recloose Organisation Hailing from Manchester Bryn entered a new phase of production this year and changed his name to Muslimgauze.

Muslimgauze: New name for Bryn Jones formerly E.g Oblique Graph. First material available as of now, is an LP entitled 'Kabul' which, although recorded on a 4 track cassette machine, is of high quality. Jones concentrates on rhythm with small pieces of speech and instrumentation creeping in. The pulsing soundtracks retain an immediate, direct quality which never lets the subtlety of the overlaid instruments suffer. Forceful and essential, a new sound.

excerpt from Dave Henderson's epic "Wild Planet" feature
Sounds (May 7, 1983)

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