In a total surprise on Thursday the 14th of January, Bryn Jones, better known as Muslimgauze, passed away as a result of pneumonia. Since the early 80s Jones produced an unstoppable stream of industrial dark ambient and ethnic sound-tapestries, inspired by the Israeli invasion in Lebanon. Jones' production was of such a nature that no single record company could release it all. In recent years many releases came on Staalplaat/Soleilmoon, besides many other labels. There is no one particular masterpiece in the many creations of Jones. Although he felt misjudged, he had a strong group of fans who liked his multi-faced sound-collages. On 'Re-Mixs 3' and 'Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass', his two latest releases that reached us, we do not hear an artist tired of life. An amalgamation of ethnic sounds, scratchy vinyl, female voices, distorted electronic sounds and above all, eastern-like repetitive sounds flow by the listener. The sadness is relieved a bit by the many albums released. The fanaticism with which Jones produced his music will surely lead to more releases in the future.

article by Rob Vugs
photo: Pieter Kers
This article originally appeared in Senzor magazine (issue # 7, Feb/May, 1999).
Thanks to Frans de Waard for the translation.

Bryn Jones

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note: We are very aware of Bryn's proclivity towards anonymity and therefore there are no other pictures, of him, directly on the site. We decided to include this one as it is part of the original piece and two other pictures that Pieter Kers made in Glasgow during and after a performance. The first is a better version of the one used in the article and the second is new to the site. These can be viewed here: arrow

I really don't think Bryn would mind now. My opinion only.

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