January 10, 2007 10:09PM

Welcome to my first podcast! I made this episode to celebrate and commemorate the life of Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze, who passed away January 14 1999.

There is much controversy surrounding the politics of Muslimgauze and I encourage everyone who connects with his music to do a little searching and come to your own conclusions. Muslimgauze's overwhelming subject matter was the struggle for freedom and human rights. In my opinion he made extreme public statements in order to raise interest and concern about a problem that has only gotten worse since his death. Bryn Jones was a visionary musician and thinker and his work resonates deeply with me.

I encourage everyone who hears this music and is affected by it to go out and observe his legacy by purchasing some of his music, either at your local record store or through digital music stores like iTunes and eMusic.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for next weeks surprising episode!

comments by Josh Haden
regarding his first Diamond Sounds podcast (January 10, 2007).

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