Interview with
Bryn Jones,

aka Muslimgauze.


This was obtained in the beginning of the autumn of 1998, when I started to explore the deep area of Staalplaat/Soleilmoon. I contacted Mr. Jones via fax and got the response the same way. I left the manner of Mr. Jones answers without changes.

Please, tell about your biography. Who were your parents, some words about your childhood, where and when did you graduated from?

Irrelevant. Now shapes Muslimgauze.

What was the reason for starting music? What were your tastes in music and have they changed?

To experiment, to hear what I see.

I think it would be correct to suggest that you do not earn your money from your music. What is your occupation and what is your initial profession?

You are not to suggest I do not earn my living from what I do. I live totally myself to do what I do.

What bands did you listen before you started being a musician? You never mentioned any concrete influences, but if you say you try to make music which sounds unlikely to others, you have to know what do these others do. Can you really mention any name, influenced on you to any extent? I just can not believe that a musician has no predecessors as you have to synthesize something new on an old background anyway.

Muslimgauze are influenced by political facts, what other people are up to is of no interest to me.

The same with nowadays music. You always say you have no time to control all new bands. Nevertheless, maybe you just noticed somehow any musical tune from a young band that you just liked?

All my time is taken up with Muslimgauze, I am always trying things, trying to improve the output each day / each release.

Do you have friends in the musical world? What do you think of collaborating work? Can you mention anyone whom you did enjoy making music with? Whom would you like to cooperate with?

Muslimgauze have collaborated with some other music people.

What kind of sense do you make concerning the words characterizing music: underground, independent, alternative or avant-garde? Do you aspire to be defined as belonging to any of the above mentioned kinds of music?

Muslimgauze are not part of any scene, I think that Muslimgauze are not part of any stagnant closed minded box.

Why don't you touch a computer when composing music? Do you think that it does not matter where to you get sounds from and what way to operate with them in order to get good result? Don't you feel that there is a possibility to modify computers extremely and subsequently the music as well?

Vast areas of the world do not use computers in any form. As usual the West takes the short cut.

What demands do you usually have for the studio you work in and does it matter for you at what kind of studio you are and what studio people you work with?

It does matter about where Muslimgauze work, I work in a very old analogue way, so it's important not to have computers, samplers, etc., keep it analogue.

Do you think you are popular? What is your attitude to popularity?

Muslimgauze has never been popular, never will. It's not important to the final compact disc, sales of compact discs keep my old analogue equipment going, so buy more!

Do you always think of political events or does music sometimes come without your will and in that case you have just to fit some theme to any near political event or even leave it without political background?

Every piece of Muslimgauze music is based on a political fact, from this the track takes on a life of it's own.

How can policy influence on what you do every political event creates every bit, tune or sound, or you just have any common idea in every large musical form like album or single at least?

My eyes or ears begin the process, my brain takes over and my hands finish it off. Most people don't like the results.

Do you have real interest in the history and culture of the East? Have you ever seriously studied it or your interests are only among policy?

All aspects / culture of the Arab world are of interest. You may like vodka, I like Arab culture.

Why your musical interest been only about events in Palestine? People are suffering all around the world and the reasons are not less serious. For example in our authoritarian country we have all declared rights, but everything will run on the will of our president, Aleksander Lukashenko, who tries to recover the soviet style of economy, policy and way of life of the population. We can do almost nothing about it

Muslimgauze are influenced by many things. The people of Palestine and their fight for human rights is far more important than anything else. You live in your country, the Palestinian's do not live in their own country, but in camps. Belarus can help by providing arms to Hamas.

Can you say your music brings any call for struggle? Do you think it had real results ever, in other words do you make albums in order to raise people for struggle?

Music will not bring a result, I do what interests me and I know how little my efforts will have. I don't preach to people, just put forward the music which has a political backbone.

Have you ever done something more than music to help the people of occupied Palestine?

Maybe my efforts to date haven't helped, maybe, in a small way they have. But, no other than music, no.

Don't you really have any inspirations from other aspects of your life? Do cinema, literature, paintings, theatre etc. mean anything for you?

Things around me, no, anything European has no effect on me it seems.

Can you say you have a kind of visual image? Why are your live shows are so rare? Why don't you make videos?

It's rare for Muslimgauze to be asked to do live shows, that's why live shows are so rare. Videos smell of advertisement and have no place in the world of Muslimgauze.

What is the greatest musical discovery and what is the greatest disappointment for you in your musical life?

The discovery of Palestine vise (?) Israel. The disappointment - nothing changes.

What is the best achievement of Muslimgauze? What is the thing you'd prefer to forget forever?

To sound unique, to forget all the idiots I've come into contact with in the past, who have earned money on the ideas of Muslimgauze.

What would be the reason of stopping your musical career?

Hands, eyes or ears just give up years of endless ideas.

What are your strongest likes and dislikes in non-musical life?

Tea and Indian food.

How do you see your future? Your nearest plans and directions.

I see more Muslimgauze compact discs, better content and sound, sleeves to improve, in fact every aspect to keep on improving.

Please, explain the name of Muslimgauze.

It's based on the area I'm interested in. At the start, many years ago, I looked for Arab items; from this I came up with the title.

What interviewer is the best for you?

One who thinks.

How do you find this interview?


What can you say to your listeners in Belarus?

I doubt Muslimgauze compact discs are bought in Belarus, I hope so. I'm happy at the thought that the people have finally turned their backs on the failed sham of communism. Look south to your Muslim brothers who suffered under Russian occupation.

What do you want to add?

Stop buying the crap, fed to you. Search out Staalplaat.


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A sad p.s. Now Bryn is dead ... I've found out about it the day before I was going to send this interview to Achtung Baby! ... Who knows, maybe this interview was one of the last in his life ... I hope that God accepted his soul and he keeps on playing There ... I want to thank him for doing this Here ...

Interview by: Dmitry Kolesnik
Achtung Baby! (© 1998)

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