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March 21, 2019: The Shekel Of Israeli Occupation will be released @ the end of this month on the Ulta-Mail Prod. label. Also released is the Untitled CD on the Aquarellit label.

Dcember 10, 2017: Added Cty Of Djinn re-issues to Discography created infvidual pages for them.

December 7, 2017: Added Wish Of The Flayed CD to Discography & created individual page for it

December 5, 2017: Added Mullah Said LP to Discography & created individual pages for it.

April 24, 2017: Added track "Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer" from 'Close To The Noise Floor' Dbl-LP version to Compilation Tracks.

January 15, 2017: Added Trial Mixes 1997-1998 to Discography & created individual pages for each version. Also added graphics to Silknoose & added 2 more handbills to the Triptych handbills page.

January 5, 2017: Updated Links page & corrected release page for 2 Tracks.

January 3, 2017: Added Audion & Quietus articles & Hajj review.

January 2, 2017: Added Jerusalaam & Mohammad release & press pages.

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