Wish Of The Flayed

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Wish Of The Flayed

Aquarellist - aquarel 41-17  (November 4, 2017)
limited edition of 300
includes insert

Wish Of The Flayed was originally released by Muslimtapes in 2008


  1. Wish Of The Flayed  (4.14)
  2. Shadow Of Hope Diminishing  (11.10)
  3. Anti And A AK-47  (1.55)
  4. Muta Safavid  (7.58)
  5. Hafizz Maidan  (2.49)
  6. Lozenge Motif  (2.46)
  7. Abode Of Turquoize  (4.31)
  8. Rust Blue Qashqa  (4.41)

all tracks itten/played/recorded Muslimgauze on Sunday June 2nd 1996
this album s given on cassette tapeto Steven Wil the ay after

edited (conversion analogic to digital) by Steven Wilson
mastered by Dmitriy Ataulin

design by Illtaab

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