Occupied Territories (original)

Occupied Territories (re-pressing)

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Occupied Territories

Staalplaat - STCD 110  (July 23, 1996)
(re-press March, 2004)
each CD has it's own title
jewel case with clear double tray
includes gatefold insert

the re-pressing is virtually the same except for the sticker that was on the front of the original jewel case & the purple on the jewel case insert being a lighter colour

a Muslimgauze remix project


disc one (Occupied Beats)

  1. The Mirror Signal Manoeuvre - Sons Of Silence  (5.23)
  2. Ajza Of Marty Dome - Drome  (4.34)
  3. Extrinsic - Elke Dag  (8.22)
  4. See For Yourself - Clika  (4.30)
  5. Pillars Of Hercules - Extremadura  (4.35)
  6. Maroon Of Gaza (Second Opinion) - Human Beings  (6.56)
  7. Unlevel Line - O Yuki Conjugate  (10.34)
  8. Raise Ya Hanzzup - Self-Transforming Machine Elves  (7.12)
  9. Ankh In Dub - Zion Train  (7.46)
  10. Bastard Queen - LOSD  (5.11)

disc two (Occupied Frequencies)

  1. Khan Younis Vers. 2 - Nonplace Urban Field  (7.55)
  2. Submus 4 - The Square Root Of Sub  (7.33)
  3. Muzzled - :zoviet*France:  (4.07)
  4. Katusja - Quest  (5.15)
  5. Lion Of Kandahar - Starfish Pool  (7.59)
  6. Abuse - Bryn Jones  (1.45)
  7. Abuses - Bryn Jones  (1.57)
  8. Muzzel Of Deceit (Gurgle Of Tube Mix) - People Like Us  (4.37)
  9. Intifadah - Starfish Pool  (10.25)
  10. Druse - Panasonic  (6.46)

Sons Of Silence: composed by D. Mudford and P. Woodhead
Drome: remixed by B. Friedman
Elke Dag: composed by E. Dag
Clika: written by A. Hulme and M. McGeorge
Extremadura: composed by Tench and B. Jones
Human Beings: remixed and additional production by Gorgo Maraudes and Barry Human
O Yuki Conjugate: written by R. Horberry and M. McGeorge
Self-Transforming Machine Elves: programmed, mixed and edited by W.O.R.M. (Stefan Osadzinski) and Muslim sampled and streamed The Square Root Of Sub (Mark Poysden)
Zion Train: composed by Cod, Tench, Perch and B. Jones
LOSD: composed by P. Fleur and R. Mens
Nonplace Urban Field: remixed by B. Friedman
The Square Root Of Sub: written by Mark Poysden
:zoviet*France: written by :zoviet*France:
Quest: composed by Frans de Waard
Starfish Pool: remixes by Koen Lybaert
Bryn Jones: remixes by Muslimgauze
People Like Us: written by People Like Us
Panasonic: remix by Milka Vainiok and Ilpo Vaisanen

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