Maroon (re-issue)

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Maroon (re-issue)

Staalplaat - archive series volume forty one  (May 1, 2018)
hand-printed, laser-cut & sewn 1mm thick cardboard cover with black inner sleeve
limited edition of 500

Maroon was originally released by Staalplaat, 1995 & re-issued, 2004


side one

  1. Thimble Cups Of Urdu 
  2. Maroon Of Gaza
  3. Harem Of Dogs

side two

  1. Thimble Cups Of Urdu
  2. Blood Of Salah Jadallah
  3. Stars Of Golan Heights

all tracks written/performed/mixed by Muslimgauze

recorded/engineered/mixed by John Delf
design by Staalplaat

Dedicated to people forced into direct action due to vile regimes.

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