Lo-fi India Abuse

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Lo-if India Abuse

BSI - BSI 1999-3  (August, 1999)
gatefold insert


  1. Antalya  (3.22)
  2. Romanie Abuse  (2.09)
  3. Valencia in Flames  (3.30)
  4. Al Souk Dub  (6.13)
  5. Catacomb Dub  (6.06)
  6. Dust of Saqqara  (7.57)
  7. Android Cleaver  (4.25)
  8. Dogon Tabla  (3.30)
  9. Nommos' Afterburn  (6.21)

all tracks recorded by Muslimgauze 1998
some tracks are re-mixs from Systemwide's 'Sirius' (BSI 1997-2)

mastered by Sound Secretion

concept, mosaic, design, titles by Ezra Ereckson
photos by Tracy Harrison
pre-press by Knack Imaging

special thanks to Bryn, Terry, Charles

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To coincide with this release, BSI also produced a promotional poster (approx. 28cm x 43cm).

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