Ingaza LP

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Ingaza (re-issue)

Staalplaat - archive series volumethirty six(September, 2018)
gatefold sleeve
limited edition of 700

originally released as part of Box Of Silk And Dogs by Staalplaat, 1999 & re-issued as Ingaza CD, 2006


side one

  1. Meesur
  2. Satsooma
  3. Pen Your Atlas, And Find Kurdistan

side two

  1. Divotee, Lie With The Dogs
  2. Baljit With Copper Wire
  3. Silk And Mint
  4. Kumari

side three

  1. Banjari
  2. Sacrifice Pit
  3. Sandblind
  4. Hand Of Henna
  5. Moonshi

side four

  1. Hamas Internet, Gaza
  2. Grass Of Sidi Bou Said
  3. Allah Will, Provide You Forfeit
  4. Temple Carcass
  5. Hamas Internet, Gaza

engineered by John Delf
recorded at the Abraham Mosque, Manchester

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