Hamas Arc

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Hamas Arc

Hamas Arc

Staalplaat - STCD 051  (October, 1993)
(re-pressed July, 1999 & September, 2003)
clear jewel case tray
includes multi fold out insert

By cutting out part of the insert and submitting it along with a blank DAT & 6 IRCs you could receive the Satyajit Eye DAT.

the marked (*) tracks are taken from Vote Hezbollah (Soleilmoon, 1993), all other tracks are taken from the unreleased Shekel Of Israeli Occupation

the 1999 re-pressing has much darker artwork on the multi fold out insert while the back cover is a bit lighter, the title on the spine is also a much brighter green and the gold on the CD label has slightly more sparkle to it, the original jewel case insert background is green from edge to edge while this one has a black strip down the left hand side

the 2003 re-pressing is virtually the same as the 1999 one except for the gold on the CD label being a shade lighter


  1. Jerusalem Knife  (6.17)
  2. Khan Younis  (7.12)
  3. Farsi *  (6.33)
  4. Jerusalem Knife  (5.08)
  5. Yasser Arafat's Radio  (6.10)
  6. Zindabad *  (5.50)
  7. Yasser Arafat's Radio  (3.19)

all tracks written/played by Muslimgauze

engineered by John Delf
mixed by Muslimgauze & John Delf

Dedicated to the P.L.O.

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