Fedayeen (limited edition re-issue)

(limited edition of 150)

Fedayeen (re-issue)

(limited edition of 850)

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Fedayeen (re-issue)

Tantric Harmonies - TANTRA X1  (September, 2000)
limited edition of 1000 with the first 150 numbered in a cardboard sleeve, the remainder in a gatefold sleeve

Fedayeen was originally available as an MP3 release by Staalplaat/EARLabs, 1998


  1. Mustafas Cassette Market Marrakesh  (11.49)
  2. Abu Salim, Tripoli  (11.35)
  3. Bharboo Of Pakistan Railways  (3.54)
  4. Fraca, Over And Near  (10.55)
  5. Gitavia  (.06)
  6. Aziz Al Mufarr  (10.59)
  7. Murzuk  (9.58)
  8. Old Arab Record Not On Compact Disc  (2.10)

all tracks composed by B. Jones

artwork designed by Oleg Galay

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