Zuriff Moussa (re-issue)

Important Records is excited to release the limited edition of 1000 vinyl edition of the highly sought after Muslimgauze classic "Zuriff Moussa." Zuriff Moussa is pressed on red, white, green and black vinyl (250 of each) representing the 4 colors of the Palestinian flag and the deluxe screen printed chipboard jackets were printed by Neil Burke of Monoroid. Please note that the track listing has been revised by Staalplaat down to what they consider the key tracks Important Records to fit this vinyl issue.

"Instead of the drones and mostly beatless atmospheres of many previous Muslimgauze recordings, Zuriff Moussa presents quite a danceable switch for Bryn Jones. Dedicated to a Palestinian martyr, the album sounds like a cleaner version of Techno Animal, with Eastern influences instead of dub. For messed-up beat fans who are able to find it, Zuriff Moussa is close to a crucial purchase." - All Music Guide.

Press release from Important.

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2004 album of eccentric left-field techno, intellectual ambient, Middle Eastern-flavored hip hop beats, and in generally excellent "experimental music" from Muslimgauze. Quirky acid squiggles brighten abstract beats that henge an aura of middle eastern exoticism melded with elegant techno (not the trendy cheeseball EDM of 2014 superstar DJ dancefests). Overall a great package with history regarding the struggle of Palestinian rebels/ and those opposing Zion (even within the Israeli state- there are many against Zionism), great graphic cover, and very nice color vinyl.

(Discogs June 3, 2014)

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October 1, 2020