Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk (re-issue)

We are very proud to be honored with the opportunity to release something by the late Bryn Jones. Uzbekistani has long been considered one of the pillars of the Muslimgauze catalog though it has never enjoyed a proper release. 200 copies were given away by Staalplaat on DAT and bootlegs circulated. here is the official release with bonus tracks.

The first edition of 1000 is being issued in hand numbered packaging made by the people at Manifesto Press. They used an ancient letter press printing method to create very special packaging. The letter press method is still very popular in the Middle East, despite the West's embracement of the conventional offset printing technique. One of the biggest differences is that with letter press you get thick layers of ink creating a more substantial image and offset printing lays down a thin layer. When you hold it you can feel the difference.

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Truly Supernatural.

A truly amazing album, Muslimgauze is something extremely special, I have never heard anything like this and I'm into lots and lots of music. This music puts you in a trance and feels very spiritual and amazingly is only done with old analogue equipment. Muslimgauze is the most controversial musician in the world today, some say his music is evil. I don't know but I can say it is truly the most innovative and supernatural music I have ever heard.

"smokeabifta" (January 4, 2006)

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November 4, 2020