Ambient-industrial with Arabian tribal dance influences. According to some, one of Muslimgauze's most impressing works. Fifteen tracks of extraordinary dance floor propaganda.

Press release from Daft.

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15 relatively short tracks in a fast aggressive album. The overall feel emphasises industrial rhythms - harsh loops which could be synth-created or gated. These are combined with some vocal loops on most tracks - sometimes a song at others a snatch of cry or call. These are then combined with some percussion - tabla, drums, cymbals.

There are also other instruments sampled - a rollicking harmonium in 'Qazi Hussain' and 'Qazi Hussain (re-prize-al)', or strings at various points. There are also some electronic effects which sound like birds and insects - or which ARE birds and insects. And it all ends with an extended rising and falling manipulated tone at the end.

This is one of the albums where the variety is the main driving force: interspersed between the fast paced majority are some slower, lazy paced tracks. A very enjoyable album edging towards the harsher sounds of some
later albums.

review by Jeremy Keens

The following appeared in Rate Your Music.

There's tons of electronic effects on this one folks, and that's a good thing! Sounds like a more synthetic 'Islamophobia', but not as hard but literally as good. Some parts of it sound downright bonkers!

It sounds like being really, really pissed in the middle of a desert with a mouthful of sick looking for somewhere to throw-up! Disorientating - at the very least.
Throbbing sizzling heat with flies swarming around my poor head.

If you've heard one or two Muslimgauze before then this is a good stepping stone before you take the headlong plunge into the abyss of the vast back catalogue.

reviewed by Dobermensch 
Rate Your Music (April 24, 2009)

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