In Search Of The Abraham Mosque

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Absolutely astonishing album, the work of John Delf brings a new light to the compositions of Bryn Jones, it's like rediscovering his music for the first time. Great dynamics, great album.

reviewed by monkk
(Discogs April 21, 2011)

Not sure I can add much to monkk's review. The entire hour's worth of music flows effortlessly in its own bass and drum-laden way. Mixed expertly and an absolute highlight of the releases from The Muslimgauze Preservation Society, speaking as an owner of the two Rootsman v. Muslimgauze releases (which are enjoyable in their own light). A great album/track, indeed.

reviewed by cchocjr
(Discogs November 5, 2013)

Unusually fast and Upbeat techno creation in that Bryn Jones experimental drum and bass sorta way. Really a highlight from his catalogue.

reviewed by jackthetab
(Discogs September 11, 2016)

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