Re-mixs Vol 3.

release date: out now (April 12, 1998)

Muslimgauze remixes Muslimgauze remixes Muslimgauze. Limited edition of 700 copies in fancy jewel case and print work. Muslimgauze returning to dubby, reggae structures. Vol. 1 was released a couple of years ago on Soleilmoon and surprise, surprise is just released by Soleilmoon.

Press release from Soleilmoon.

The following is an exclusive review  that appeared in Chain D.L.K..

Two days ago, on the 14th of January 1999, Bryn, aka Muslimgauze, died in a Manchester hospital and today I received two new albums of him.. I feel terribly sorry reviewing some of the latest things that he played, recorded and released.. By the way, in the lovely memory of Bryn Jones I'll tell you that the third volume of Re-mixs is, as always, a percussion leaded album, yet it seems to me that it focuses on a kind of more relaxed and surroundings-oriented dimension. His great creative ideas of how using distortion, white noise and other crap like that do give these atmospheres the right touch of electrical dynamics.. Supposedly these songs are the remixes of the songs present on "Hussein Mahmood Jeep Tehar Gass". This CD comes in a limited to 500 copies edition and its jewel case is scratched or somewhat treated.. well his name and the name of the album are written into the plastic case.. It's the first time I meet such an interesting idea!

review by Marc Urselli-Schaerer
Chain D.L.K. Magazine (Issue #6 - February, 1999)

The following appeared on the Islamaphonia mailing list.

I had heard that this was remixes of Hussein Jeeb Tehar Gass. I would have to agree. The sound is perhaps more gritty here and less structured than the Tehar Gass releases. The first track is one of the best things I have heard anyone do in a long time. I am a huge fan of minimalism and Muslimgauze pulls it off very well. The track is simply beautiful. This CD also has a nice dub flavor and it is quite easy to get lost in it. With the bass lines and beats the listener is easily lulled into a groove. If you like Hussein Jeeb Tehar Gass then you should get this.

review by Daniel

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