A wonderful percussive experiment from Bryn's 'band'. Especially noteworthy are "Milena Jesenska" and the 2nd side's epic "Taoist" track. Well worth looking into if you like music that offers more than the Sisters Of Mercy's of this world.

Phonetic Systems fanzine No. 1 (1983)

The following appeared on Rate Your Music.

Quite an uncharacteristic Muslimgauze record in contrast with the more well-known middle eastern ambient dub/techno of the 90s albums, but it's quite good. As with Kabul, this is Muslimgauze in its infancy - no real Arabic percussion yet, pretty much none Middle Eastern snippets, and generally not so much emphasis on Arab politics. Instead, Opaques is a nice exploration in that minimal lo-fi EBM/post-industrial sound - echoed and reverberated drum machines, sparse analog synths, and various samples to keep things interesting (as evident in Milena Jesenska, where samples of female opera-like singing are used to a great extent). I like this kind of sound, obviously it sounds dated by now (as many things from the 80s tend to do, hah), but that's more of a plus for me. The last track is very sparse and kinda too long but it doesn't spoil the impression from the album. This record is  definitely an improvement on the debut's sound, while sharing the same aesthetic.

So, yeah, great music for watching black and white archive footage of post-war cities, walking around on a cloudy day at an abandoned factory, or something like that.

reviewed by muslimgauze_reviews
Rate Your Music (June 6, 2018)

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October 15, 2020