Occupied Territories

available: July 23, 1996

Manchester based Muslimgauze is one of the most uncompromising artists music biz has ever seen. His music is as extreme as the political motivation that goes with it. For more then 15 years, Muslimgauze produces rhythmic oriented music that defies any description. Sometimes lush ambient dub textures, sometimes fierce ethno rhythms. Events in Middle East is his main inspiration. Organizations such as Hezbollah can find Muslimgauze among their supporters. Since 1993 Muslimgauze is under contract with Staalplaat (The Netherlands) and Soleilmoon (USA). Their warm support give Muslimgauze the chance to work free and without any compromise.

Many of today's musicians owe a great deal to the Muslimgauze sound. That's why Staalplaat invited a host of groups from today's techno, house and related scene to take the extreme work of Muslimgauze and give that work dance floor abilities. The reactions were overwhelming and the music we go goes into many directions. Therefore we are able to present (with pride!) double CD. Disc One ('Occupied Beats') takes you onto the dance floor with dubby oriented music of O Yuki Conjugate and their off shoots Sons Of Silence and Clicka, Drome, Extremadura, the fucked up jungle of Self- Transforming Elves or the straight forward housy remixes of Human Being Elke Day (who have a connection with Exquisite Corpse) or LOSD. The second disc ('Occupied Frequencies') goes straight into weirdness, emphasizing the moody and atmospheric side of Muslimgauze, in remixes by Nonplace Urban Field, :zoviet*France: and Quest. Or the extremeness of People Like us, Starfish Pool and the master himself ... Occupied Territories is a remix tribute to one of the strongest voices in music today: Muslimgauze!.

Press release from Staalplaat.

The following appeared in Vital Weekly.

Occupied Territories (Muslimgauze Remix Project)

The furor created by the book 'The Satanic Verses' resulted in me not only having to don a beard each time I nip out for a pack of fags or a violent Hong Kong viddie; it also meant that I had to apologize a lot to members of the fastest growing religious cult for making a load of dosh off what was perceived as an insult. I vowed then never to write about anything muzzelmen again, but when this double CD package arrived, quite mysteriously on my desk, I realised I would have to stick my neck out, as it were. A short while ago, well about a year, I guess, the main purveyors of Mr. Gauze's endless emissions commissioned a bunch of remixes from an interesting cross-section of musicians/composers, who actually got it together and returned some material on DAT. The best were carefully isolated and sequenced under two headings; Occupied Beats and Occupied Frequencies.

The first CD, not surprisingly, has drums and stuff on it, with some beautiful contributions from Sons Of Silence (are we happy?), Human Beings (open that filter,close that filter), O Yuki Conjugate (bit too long this one) and S.T.M.E. (ripping, angular drum and bass). LØSD end the first CD (after a rather flabby contribution by the Zion Trainers) with a slow languid valium trip-hopperty type of a thing. Nonplace Urban Field, Drome by another name, starts the second CD with a wonderful piece which I much prefer to his other track in this pack. :zoviet*France: plummet to the depths of bass with their contribution and a certain Bryn Jones (no relation to Tom) provided two versions of Abuse. The first, which clocks in at 1'40 is one of his better works, not because it is so short but because it's sounds so bloody good. People Like Us provide an uncharacteristic but reasonably effective Muzzel Of Deceit and Panasonic close the set, sounding quite unlike themselves ... I mean there are other noises besides a kick