Red Madrassa

Red Madrassa is a trip that takes off where Mr Jones left us in swirlie soundstorms of the dark Arab nights with albums like Azad and Fakir Sind. Driving our tanks thru the desert towards Hamas Arc via some relaxed dubsmoking in the villages of Port Said.

This release is a limited edition of 500 copies.

Press release from Staalplaat

The following appeared in Chainlink D.L.K..

Muslimgauze, or more likely who for him, keeps releasing an impressive amount of records for somebody that isn't among us anymore.. He truly is one of the most prolific artists I have seen.. This one is his 156th release (according to his official site maintained by The Edge at and contains five versions of "Rhodesia" and three versions of "Rya Ba Mutant". They are re-mixes dated 1993 and have a lot more electronic sounds in it than we are usually accustomed. Obviously the percussive element remains dominant, but lots of background noises, processing, synth sounds, atmospheres and intelligible vocals surface in these mixes.

review by Marc Urselli-Schaerer
Chainlink D.L.K. (November 27, 2003)

The following appeared in Touching Extremes.

Ah, Bryn Jones, too bad. The last part of his output tended towards electronic dub, powerful dynamic changes and distortion used as primary colour. All this while maintaining a "minimalist" sense of trance beat for which I've always considered Muslimgauze a modern representative of that genre. "Red Madrassa" is much more robust than the vast majority of similar productions, it's full of usual Jones ingredients and a lot of absolutely gorgeous grooves. As years go by, his search for perfection and highly political questioning still elude many people - they just don't get what a musician or an artist in general should mean when taking a stand, not moving an inch from his position, releasing intelligent and enjoyable small masterpieces like this very one. Sorry guys - you're missing a lot of good stuff

review by Massimo Ricci
Touching Extremes

The following appeared in Rate Your Music.

Yet another extremely extremely underrated release.

Begins with the extremely bassy and percussion-led Rhodesia track, then continues with more distorted rhythmic bangers. However, it's the final 3 Rhodesia tracks that really make this album shine for me. They start throwing this one harmonic sample in the loop, and it to create a really hypnotic and oddly catchy weird melody while keeping the percussive elements steady and headbob-worthy at the same time. There's this one weird voice sample that kiiinda throws me off but i can get past it since I love how unique this final 3-track suite is and that melody evolution once that sample gets thrown in is just amazing. Such a cool and consistent record.

Not accessible really, but still worth listening to absolutely.

reviewed by StoneInFocus
Rate Your Music

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