Izlamaphobia (re-issue)

Release date: March 1, 2002

I was first introduced to Muslimgauze by my good friend Adam Helms almost 3 years ago. I had been into electronic music for sometime, and had always heard the name mentioned. For some reason or other I had never picked anything up; largely in part b/c most of the releases are out of print and impossible to find. I must say I was spoiled by my first introduction. It started with the Your Mines In Kabul 3-CD set.....of course limited to only 700 copies.

I believe that release is matched, and possibly surpassed, in aggression, distortion, anguish and frustration only by Izlamaphobia. This record was originally released in 1995 as a limited (of course) 2xCD in a full color gatefold jacket. As are all of his records, this record was crafted in response to the conflict between Palestine and Israel and the general climate in the middle east. Despite being entirely instrumental, and featuring only minimal writing on the packaging....this is by far the most politically charged record we have had the fortune to be a part of.

People familiar with Autechre, Funkstorung and Boards of Canada will recognize textured, layered soundscapes and repetitive drum patterns. However, samples of distinct middle eastern instruments looped to great rhythmic effect set Muslimgauze apart; establishing an easily recognizable and unique style.

This record has been a long time in the making due to a number of setbacks. Those of you who may have followed our release schedule have surely noticed that this record was supposed to have come out months ago. What caused things to be delayed? By far the largest obstacle was the sheer cost of manufacture for this record. The second was timing. The artwork for this record, particularly the center gatefold, contains imagery that a certain printer did not care to reproduce. Luckily we found someone less reactionary to print it for us on incredibly short notice. At last it is finished and we are incredibly pleased with the result.

Thanks are in order to Geert-Jan from Staalplaat who has shown more patience than we thought was humanly possible.

Release information from Level Plane.

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