Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye

Muslimgauze, a Mancunian band who use 'western instruments with an eastern approach', have a mini-album called 'Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye' on Limited Editions which is available by post for £2.50 from Bryn Jones, 447 Chorley Road, Swinton, Manchester.

Sounds (June 2, 1984)

Muslimgauze's long awaited follow up to the heavily percussive 'Kabul' has finally arrived from the deft hand of Bryn Jones. 'Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye' is still heavily focused on rhythm but there's a lot more substance and assurance there now. Definitely a successful follow up.

Sounds (August 18, 1984)

Another fine release of Muslimgauze, leaning more to electronics than the Middle-Eastern drumming, but no doubt an obvious Muslimgauze record. Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye 12" was released on Limited Editions (LIMITED 1) in 1984. Limited Editions was the label used by Bryn Jones of Muslimgauze for several self-released records in the 1980s.

cranio (April 14, 2007)
The Thing On The Doorstep

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Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye (orig) Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye (compilation) 

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