Hamas Arc & Satyajit Eye

The following appeared on Concept.

"Hamas Arc" closely follows "Vote Hezbollah". To the program have been added remixed and unreleased material. Take note of the terrifying "Yasser Arafat Radio" with it's climate of rhythmic acceleration. "Satyajit Eye" is exclusively available on DAT. Pieces are distinctly longer and leave further room for voice or the solo of sitar (note the excellent "Amristar", piece of bravely alternating scraps of wild, fanatic and rhythmic voices). The pure and hard "Muslimgauze" will not delight the unconditioned to their style (stragglers are unforgivable!). The approach of these two mini albums is much like Cthat of "Citadel". One can regret the DAT format, that will deprive the masses. It is an indispensable stage however.

review by Cyrille Sottile
translation by T @ The Edge with the use of Power Translator

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Hamas Arc  Satyajit Eye
November 4, 2020