Eye For An Eye

Release date: October 16, 2001

How prophetic can a title be? Obviously it isn't. Eye For An Eye was recorded in October 1993 as a direct follow up to Betrayal, with which this release shares common musical ground. Betrayal was a CD, and therefore it was decided to release this as a vinyl (since many people ask us for Muslimgauze vinyl). Recorded right after the PLO signed a peace treaty with Israel, which still hasn't become effective. How prophetic can it be? The cover is full colour with an extra colour printed on top. An edition of 500 copies.

Press release from Staalplaat.

The following appeared on the Islamaphonia 2 mailing list.

I adore this record. For me, so much sameness exists along the lines of 'Betrayal' throughout the catalogue, and some rare, pricey items that suffer, in my mind, from sameness that I can't get beyond, such as "Maroon". This is a way better record, in my mind. I love what Bryn did in the mix, the cascading echoing keyboard and string, perhaps synthed, cover me and hold me timeless in a place of cascading, crystalline vortices. It's all in the mix. This record makes an adventure of the sameness, breaks it all down, and turns it into texture-fields of tactile melodic density.

The timeliness of the title and the current world situation, post 09.11, is disturbing at first. It was awkward, at first, to listen to Muslimgauze after that horrible event. Now I had to think about the situations that were occurring with all of the compassion that listening to Muslimgauze had armed me with, and that wasn't easy through the pain of losing so much, that day. So much naiveté, lost forever. It still makes me sad. But Islam is not the problem.
Islam isn't at fault here.

I don't like politics, and find myself thinking about them way too much. So, again, there is the music. Transformational, it is. I said I adore this record, because it's the time. It's that Bryn is no longer with us. It is the void crying out for humanity. It is the hope that lies in the infinite. It's really a cool record, and I'm glad to be able to listen to it.

Thank you Bryn Jones, RIP

review by durtro (October 29, 2001)
Islamaphonia 2 Mailing List

The following appeared in Rate Your Music.

A vinyl only release. Sounds very much like Muslimgauze material from 1993 (Salaam Alekum Bastard, Veiled Sisters). Much more laid back than their later output. I always considered this to be the best era of Muslimgauze. Sometimes the distorted glitches and rapid stop - start cuts of later releases gets on my nerves. This one, like most of their others sounds dark, dirty and hot. Just the way I like it!

reviewed by Dobermensch 
Rate Your Music (April 10, 2009)

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