Blinded Horses

Another great early Muslimgauze release, Middle Eastern rhythm's & samples with ambient electronics, very recommended album. Track 4 is misspelled on the label, it should read Saint and not Sant. Blinded Horses was released on Limited Editions (LIMITED 2) in 1985.

cranio (April 27, 2007)
The Thing On The Doorstep

The following appeared on Boomkat.

'Blinded Horses' (1985) was the 2nd album released by Muslimgauze on his Limited Editions series - the first being 'Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye' - and finds the pioneering, Manchester-based auteur exploring the deepest, esoteric angles of his echo chamber.

His palette of samples and touch on the mixing desk feels tangibly more spacious, fluid and psychedelic here in contrast to previous releases whilst the percussion is also freer, tribalistic, manifesting the febrile, swarming heat of "Byzantine Crucifixion" and gushing wooden patter of "Zebra Slaughter".

With Palestine, however, his political affiliations are implied thru pensive, roiling drums and chanting crowds, before veering much farther east into mystic, tropically humid realms with "Death of Sant Jarnaii Singh Bindranwale", where the suspended rhythms and free-jazz gestures of "Political Asylum" follows into a pair of rare compilation cuts, namely "Sudanese Amputate The Hands of Thieves" and "Sakharov".


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Blinded Horses (orig) Blinded Horses (vinyl) 

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